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OBD1 68mm Big Bore Throttle Body

FITS: 1993-1995 6 cylinder 3 series engines.
All E34 6 cylinder engines.

68mm Aluminum throttle plate with reverse angles
Modified throttle arm
Up to 8whp increase (see dyno page for actual dyno chart)

Obd 1. Before

Obd 1. After

Our big bore throttle body is one of the best on the market. Bored out to 68 mm, we replace the throttle plate with a thinner aircraft garde aluminum one, then we change the profile of the throttle arm to allow the greatest amount of air to enter, to top everything off we warranty the throttle body for life.

Using an Aluminum throttle plate we have been able to achieve a non restrictive air path and ensure a safe strong air tight seal between the throttle plate and the throttle housing. The throttle plate being used had to be made from stamped Aircraft grade Aluminum. The picture below is the Riot Racing Throttle plate placed on a high magnification comparator to demonstrate the angle on the side of the throttle plate. An identical reverse angle is on the opposite side.



Performance Increase: The first noticeable increase will be the faster revs of the rpm. Faster Revving will allow you to lower your 0-60 and quarter mile times, not to mention lower your lap times significantly. The increase in size of the Throttle body has increased the volume of air that enters the engine by 11%, this increase is what produces the horsepower and faster revving of the R.P.M. Up to 8whp has been dyno proven on our dyno page

The Riot Racing throttle body is an improvement in size compared to Dinan's as well as other competitors. Dinan's bore is only a 2mm upgrade over stock, where the Riot Racing throttle body is 4mm over stock. Custom larger bores are no longer available.

Riot Racing

68mm Bore 4.17mm increase over stock

1.5mm Thick Aircraft grade aluminum throttle plate with reverse angles.

Low profile/aerodynamic throttle arm

You don't need a paypal account to purchase. The core charge is automatically charged but will be returned once the stock unit is shipped back to us. A core charge is when you purchase the Big Bore throttle body and once the upgraded throttle body is installed on your vehicle and you have tested the product out for; a normal idle, and to function as stock, simply ship the stock throttle body which you removed from your vehicle back to our shop within 10 business days and you will receive your $100 deposit returned. Core units that are not POSTMARKED within 10 business days will lead to the $100 deposit being cashed.

To view the instruction manual download here

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