Many companies can claim their product helps the performance of your vehicle. Some say: better traction, more down force, better handling, or MORE power. Companies claim all kinds of performance gains. Very few back it up with proven data that is not manipulated. All of the dyno graphs you see below were performed by Riot Racing customers.

All dyno runs were done monitoring coolant and oil temperature. The graphs you see are actual graphs, nothing has been altered or adjusted. What you see it what you get!

Here is Bill Hinimoto's results, Bill saw almost 8whp: Mods are listed, dyno was performed within 45mins and temperature was still stable. Most people tend to see 3-5 whp gain under any circumstances, individual results may vary.

A Neutral party, Brad Olsen dyno tested our OBD1 Big Bore Throttle Body. The first run is the green line on the graph. What's impressive is that the torque did not drop and whp increase was more than 4whp!

The Riot Racing OBD2 E36 Big Bore Throttle Body was featured in Eurotuner magazine as part of the performance modifications to "Project M3". The Eurotuner Magazine articles which the Riot Racing OBD2 E36 Big Bore Throttle Body can be found are issues: November 2008 and January 2009. See our Press Coverage page for the layout. The Eurotuner "Tester" did a wonderful job documenting the process utilized in order to properly perform back to back dyno runs on separate days. Ambient air temperature, humidity and elevation were all documented. The coolant and oil temperatures were also monitored. The "Tester" ensured that all temperatures were the same between both days of the dyn testing.

Again AS PROVEN. There is zero loss in torque due to the Riot Racing Big Bore Throttle Body and a 5+whp gain.

The Riot Racing OBD2 Performance regrind camshafts have been dyno tested by a neutral party and the results are impressive! This dyno runs were performed on two separate days. The ambient conditions were within 1degree Fahrenheit and 8% humidity of one another. No other modifications were made to the vehicle. It is important to note that there is no less in torque and consistent horsepower and torque gains throughout the rpm band.

We have just received a new dyno graph of TRM Tuning software with our BBTB. Before dyno run was the current engine setup. After dyno run was the Riot Racing BBTB and an upgrade tune. The results are very impressive!