Buyer caution page
Riot Racing does not accept any returns and will not be responsible for any returns. Products damaged during shipment of a returned item or a core item will not be refund. Core deposits will not be returned if product is broken or damaged. Riot Racing is not responsible for the damages that may occur during installation of products. Riot Racing is not responsible for damages that may occur during shipping to and from Riot Racing. Todd Haroutunian is not responsible for the faults or problems that may occur due to the purchase of a product from Riot Racing. Lifetime Warranty is valid for undamaged products; the buyer is responsible for products damage and therefore assumes the liability associated with the purchase of a product. Riot Racing is not responsible for accidents associated with related products. Malfunction of products will be covered under valid warranty only, warranty only covers the product purchased. Riot Racing and Todd Haroutunian are not responsible for damages that may occur during installation or use of this product. The "West Coast Riots" are not responsible for the above terms, and do not assume any liability for the products purchased from Riot Racing. Upon purchase, the buyer accepts full liability of damages that may occur to the vehicle, engine, other vehicles, property and oneself during installation and operation of any purchased items. The responsibility of malfunctioned parts will be held liable to the installer. West Coast Riots and Riot Racing are not liable for Vehicles and/or property damaged by any product purchased from West Coast Riots and/or Riot Racing. All products are for off road use only.
Sponsorship pricing is considered confidential, exposed pricing between Riot Racing and associated party can/will lead to penalty. Exposed pricing gives Riot Racing the authority to recharge the credit card for the difference in item price and sponsored price. The buyer is responsible for the shipping price of the returned merchandise as well as the shipping price of the core throttle body return. Items lost during shipping are the buyers responsibility and the core deposit will be cashed under any and all circumstances. Items not returned in the specified time will void any return policy and the $100 core deposit will be cashed. There is a 10 business day maximum holding time on all stock throttle body's. The core charge will be cashed at the end of the 10th business day if an extention is not filed. A 5 day business day extention is granted to customers who require additional time. Additional extention may only be filed under the circumstance of a non functioning High Flow Throttle Body.
The product the buyer is/has order may not be in stock and available for shipment at the same of purchase. The buyers payment will not be refunded if the item/product is not in available for immediate delivery. Riot Racing will not issue a refund if a product/item is not available for immediate shipping. All products are for off road use only and products may be illegal to operate for raod use. Products and items sold may not be legal for emissions standard for an individuals state. Installing the product/item may cause the vehicle to be illegal by D.O.T. standards and not follow C.A.R.B. emission regulations and laws. The buyer acknowldges all emission laws and regulations as well as all D.O.T. laws and regulations. Purchasing from, Riot Racing and Precision measurements acknowledges that the buyer has read, agreed and accepted all terms and conditions regarding emissions, D.O.T. laws, city and state driving laws as well as all moral followings. By installing and using a Riot Racing product on your vehicle the operator acknowledges that he/she may be violating his/her state laws and chooses to do so as their own risk.

Guarantee information:
Riot Racing no longer has a performance increase guarantee. Thanks to parties creating false dyno sheets and not performing dyno testing properly. Thank those people who are damn to hell by Riot Racing, for ruining our guarantee policy. We still fully back all performance claims and horsepower and toque gains that are stated on our site.
Riot Racing dyno testing is done under heavily monitored conditions. We have currently used dyno sheet provided from other customers to prove to all viewers that we do NOT alter or change the dyno information. We are also trying to prove that we are not making mistakes during dyno operations and letting the dyno shops perform the dyno runs as they normally would. Riot Racing monitors coolant temperatures at two separate locations, humidity, ambient air temp, vehicle oil temp, and air intake temp. using calibrated thermocouples.